Dave Muller: “Stephen King sees your ‘clickle” and raises you a “cluck” (i.e. a dollar a chapter for his new on-line novel). Any thoughts?”

☞ Two. First, he should have made the first chapter available free to anyone who wanted it. Five million people would have downloaded it . . . and been hooked if it’s any good. Second, he should have made it 50 cents, not $1, a chapter. (I’m assuming it’s about 20 chapters – why should an online book cost $20?)

Try http://trac.org/ for phone rates, but also for a whole list of directory assistance services, like anywho.com.

Mike da Mailman: “One of your links is to a site that offers free long distance phone calls if you watch enough ads. Well, I discovered dialpad.com and it has free long distance, no ads, no charges, no money, no kidding. I have been talking to Virginia (the state) from California for free. I love it. Have to have speakers and a microphone (I use earphones with a swing down mic) and sign up and get a password and then just call. It is as clear as most cell phone conversations or a two way radio, but, what the heck, it’s free.”

And speaking of free, 1-800-555-TELL is now ready for anyone and everyone to call — and it’s free! Just call and say the keyword you want — “Stock Quotes,” “Weather,” “News,” “Sports,” “Traffic,” “Taxi” if you need to call a cab or “Airline” if you want to call Southwest but can’t recall the number. You no longer need to use the PIN that was assigned during the trial. And for a while anyway, if you find yourself at a payphone without a quarter, you can say “Phone Booth” and use Tell Me to make a free two-minute local or long distance call. Click here for more – or just try it . . . 800-555-TELL.

Or customize your favorite stock quotes and then call800-555-TELL and say “Tell me my favorites.”

Not bad for free.


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