Sorry to be late with this, which I’d usually post on a Friday when you had the whole weekend ahead to find 20 minutes to watch . . . but I got thrown by the time difference.  Did you know Vancouver is three hours behind the East Coast?  And observes daylight savings time — but that two Canadian provinces don’t and a third, Newfoundland, is half an hour askew year round?  (And what’s up with Arizona?)

But while I edit my Hillary email/Senate Iran letter thoughts, watch John Oliver, Edward Norton, and an all-star cast make Infrastructure super fun and scary.  Rated R, for language.

(Spoiler alert: how self-destructive are we?  We should just add 25 cents a gallon to the federal gas tax and be done with it.  Oliver doesn’t go that far — he doesn’t venture into the realm of science fiction, an alternative universe in which we, as a nation, make rational decisions — but that, in fact, is what we should do.  And by the way?  If you were getting 18mpg in 1993, the last time the tax was hiked, but will be getting 36mpg going forward, then, adjusted for inflation, the federal gas tax you’d be paying to drive a mile would still be lower than it was in 1993.)

C’mon, Congress: man up!



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