But first . . .


Don’t you mean “him?”

Seven minutes.

(So why isn’t Trump being prosecuted?  “The real answer,” writes Andrew Reinbach, “is a bad one: It’s how we do things in this country. Jefferson Davis was held for two years but never tried for treason. Lee was indicted, but never tried. No one involved in the Business Plot was indicted, though the House Unamerican Activities Committee found they were ready, willing, and able — they just never pulled the trigger.  Nixon was allowed to resign, then pardoned.  Trump pulled this in hopes of avoiding the pending criminal cases in New York. But, alas, he’ll probably not be indicted for 1/6. He may, however, be convicted in New York. That’ll do.”)


What a surprise: there’s some exaggerating going on.  Interesting and encouraging.

And now . . .


Not enough, and not yet signed into law, but a big step forward that even 19 Republican senators agreed to.

You know all those folks who are being put out of work because of automation?  It’s good that they are, because we’re going to need them to do something more important than taking fast food orders: revitalizing our infrastructure.

And it’s not just physical infrastructure we can hope will be signed into law:  The Hard Case for Soft Investment.



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