In the last 27  months, we’ve added 4.3 million net new private sector jobs.  Not nearly as many as we’d like, but 60% more than George W. Bush added in his first 7 years and 8 months . . . that is, before the financial crisis hit.

Did you know that?

President Clinton made this point at two New York fundraisers last night.  Here is a recent blog along the same lines, based on data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve.

Of course, the Obama jobs numbers would have been a lot higher still if the Republicans had not blocked the American Jobs Act, which the President urged a joint session of Congress last fall to “pass right away.” And if they had not shaken the economy with last year’s manufactured debt-ceiling crisis. And if they were not shaking confidence again now with threats of a new one.  But their goal from day one has been to see the Administration fail so they can retake power and resume cutting taxes for the best off.  Such as Governor Romney’s pledge to cut cut the estate-tax rate for billionheirs from 45% to 0%.


From Politifact:

A TV ad running in eight states blames President Barack Obama for sending stimulus money overseas while Americans are out of work. . . . We checked all three examples — and found the ad incorrectly describes them all. . . . The ad strings together alarming-sounding tidbits about actual stimulus projects to create the impression of something else entirely — in a way that’s ultimately ridiculous. And that earns our lowest rating, Pants on Fire.

The details are fascinating.  And one more example of the $1 billion SuperPAC effort to confuse voters into supporting the interests of the Koch brothers, et al, rather than their own.


[T]he Republicans are trying to get into my vagina again.  I wish I knew what was up there that they find so interesting.  . . . Goodnight can’t we just move on already?  We get it.  Republicans want to make sure that no woman anywhere for any reason can have an abortion.  Some even want a restriction on birth control of any kind.  Well I have a solution.  Republican men should refrain from having sex of any kind.  I bet the number of abortions would drop dramatically.  And on a side note, I imagine many women could finally get a good night’s sleep.


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