Paul Langley: ‘So, is the picture of Charles for the IBM ad that ran in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal anywhere on the web? There’s a picture of a guy at this link and he appears to be surrounded by clothing. [As the ad explains, Charles designs the Anne Klein line.] So is this perchance he?’

☞ Indeed it is.

Russell Ackerman: ‘Actually, as this article from Slate explains, the estate tax is *NOT* double taxation.

☞ Indeed it’s not. (At least largely not. I wasn’t thinking. Thanks to you and several others for pointing this out.)

Gordon: ‘Ironically, the very same Bible that many Republicans love to brandish lays down the law: ‘It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man enter the kingdom of heaven.’ If Uncle Sam doesn’t get ’em, St. Peter will.’

☞ Indeed he will. But that won’t solve our budget problems.

Juanita Albro: ‘I just had a comment about the estate tax. The person being taxed is dead, so really, why would they care about the tax? It’s just the people left behind, anxiously wringing their hands over it, who are worried about the estate tax. I think it was Less Antman who said, Give your kids money while you’re alive, leave it to charity in your will, and give them a good reason to keep you around. Seems like good advice to me.’

☞ Indeed.


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