Today’s post is not late — this is tomorrow’s, way early.


If patience is a virtue, we are all saints.  Yet the consensus for “e-taxi” does seem to be building and WheelTug’s e-taxi solution does seem — to me, at least — to be the leading contender . . . with more than 20 airlines on board and 976 airplanes in queue for systems.  Maybe it will never happen; but maybe, like television, invented in 1926 but more than 20 years in development, it is inevitable.  The latest little encouragement is next week’s MarketForce conference, in London.  Here’s the “programme,” with WT CEO Isaiah Cox presenting the first day at 11:05 and then hosting lunch.  As long-time readers know, WheelTug is a subsidiary of Chorus Motors, which is a subsidiary of Borealis, which has 5 million shares outstanding, no debt, and thus, at today’s $9 a share, a market cap of $45 million.  One-sixth the price at which this really lovely painting of two card players last changed hands.


And then you have this one, suggested here at $10.40 last Wednesday, $14.08 as I type.  Wouldn’t it be nice if life were always like this?  Though even this is not easy: do you take your 35% six-day gain or hold on for a double or triple from here?  I am holding on (not least because for me, having paid as much as $20.70, it’s not a 35% gain) — but only with money I truly can afford to lose, because birds in bushes all too often just fly away.  Crazy how that happens.  Must have been the cat.


If you don’t have 16 minutes to watch this Rachel Maddow segment, just know that two of the last three Republican presidents — Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush — used executive orders when Congress wouldn’t act to ease the plight of undocumented immigrants.  Just as President Obama is about to do.  When Reagan and Bush did it, the number of outraged calls for impeachment and/or government shutdown was . . . zero.  Now that Obama is doing the same thing, it is the end of the world.  Because “by any standard,” as Mitch McConnell says, “Barack Obama has been a disaster for our country.”  The Dow is setting a new all-time high was I type, the Obama Ebola pandemic death toll among U.S. citizens remains zero, gas prices haven’t been so low in five years, health care inflation hasn’t been so low in 50, Bin Laden is dead, Detroit is alive, the housing market’s fine — it is all one unmitigated disaster.)

Watch Rachel.

See you Thursday, probably.



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