I’m proud to be a Republican because we’re standing up for religious liberty . . . against “political correctness” . . . and to make abortion rare (versus the Democratic mantra, “safe, legal, and rare”).

I’m proud to be a Republican because we’re making it harder for people to vote.  Watch Barack Obama and Al Sharpton lament the new laws we’ve passed, here.  (Like requiring Alabamans to go to the DMV to get new photo ID and then shutting down the DMV offices in black neighborhoods.  Good stuff!)

I’m proud to be a Republican because we are standing against higher wages for the working poor (and fighting to cut back food stamps for their children).

I’m proud to be a Republican because we’ve kept from extending Medicaid to the working poor. Why do they deserve healthcare?  What are we — Europe?  Canada?  England?  Japan?  Australia?  Russia?  Korea?  Cuba?  We know people don’t “deserve” health care.  Health care is not a “right.”  (When will Europe and the rest catch up to our level of concern for one another?  Our level of civilization?)

And speaking of civilization, we know that taxes are not the price we pay for civilization — taxes are the price we pay to maintain law and order, so that — along with the firearms we can now finally carry on Texas hips — no one can mess with us.  Or our stuff.

I’m proud to be a Republican because 58% of us in Congress deny the existence of climate change or, at least, oppose action to cut greenhouse gas emissions.  I’m proud that our science chairs, Smith and Inhofe, deny the science.  And that even many of our “moderates,” like Chris Christie, are unconcerned (adamantly, here, at 38:51).

I’m proud to be a Republican because the Justices we appointed produced the Citizens United and McCutcheon rulings that gave so much more power to the rich; and gutted the Voting Rights Act at the expense of the powerless.

I’m proud to be a Republican because we blocked the American Jobs Act that would have put people back to work revitalizing our national infrastructure.

And blocked the bipartisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform that passed in the Senate 68-32.

And blocked ENDA, that would have barred employment discrimination against gays.  Bad enough that they can marry.

I’m proud to be a Republican because the RNC has loads of cash while the DNC is millions in the red. (Their “little money” is going to Bernie and Hillary, while the big money, happily, skews Republican.)

We’ve got the House, we’ve got the Senate . . . we largely have the Court.

Later this year we can wrap up the rest and have it all.



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