Meet the Evangelicals stumping for Democrats.

Specifically, the Vote Common Good tour, a “rolling revival-cum-hootenanny performed in churches, city parks, pubs and parking lots, replete with klieg lights, backdrop banners and a portable stage pulled from a pickup truck.”

. . . For two weeks this group of musicians, poets and pastors from both sides of the political divide has been driving across the country proclaiming the good news – or, to most Americans these days, what is simply news: that to be Christian, you don’t have to vote Republican.

That you can love gay people and the flag at the same time, support Black Lives Matter along with the troops, and that God is perfectly fine with that. Most of all, the group wants liberal and conservative Christians to join forces and reclaim the gospel from the likes of Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr, who told Fox News that evangelicals had found their “dream president” in Donald Trump. Come 6 November, they’re asking people of faith to set aside cultural differences and vote for the common good, and, by doing so, flip Congress. . . .

Amen, brothers and sisters.

Spread the word, lest we reap the whirlwind.

Speaking of which:

>  Stephen Colbert on the whirlwind, a clip I couldn’t find at the time of the Kavanaugh hearings but worth your minute even now.  I mean, really.

>  Yesterday’s report of “startling new research.”  The oceans are heating up much faster than we thought.

If you feel threatened by an invasion of Hondurans — and comforted that the Republicans have sent 5,200 soldiers to supplement the 2,000 National Guardsmen they called up to supplement the 20,000 border patrol agents already employed to confront however many of the remaining 3,500 actually make it to our border seeking asylum to pick our tomatoes and clean our toilets — then you should feel even more threatened by climate change.  It could force billions to relocate . . . cause famine, epidemics, and wars . . . flood millions more homes in Houston and North Carolina and everywhere else.  To fight that crisis, the Republicans propose we close our eyes and pretend it’s a hoax.  That’s their plan.

Vote early, if you can.

Vote even in deep-blue places where “it doesn’t matter” because actually it does: As much as Republicans should keep in mind that Hillary won by a nearly 3 million votes — despite Putin’s thumb on our scale — what I hope we might show the world this time is an even wider rejection of Trump’s “vision.”

Vote, as those Evangelicals urge, for the common good.



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