Does anyone have a poll of what we Americans think of “Europe?”

I’d love to see it — especially if there are cross tabs breaking it down by party.  My guess is that Republicans, and especially Tea Party Republicans, are more likely to feel disdain for Europe.

Better still if it’s broken down between people who’ve been there versus people who have not.  My guess is that those most disdainful of the way Europeans live have, perhaps, never been there?

Europe turns out to be rather nice.

Anyway, I’m back.

Nice here, as well.

Here’s another free way to enjoy music: pick any year from 1960 to 2013 and have at it.

Who put a nickel into this new season of Saturday Night Live?  You obviously saw a clip of the opening “Democratic debate,” with Larry David playing Bernie — is there anyone in America who hasn’t? — but the whole show was notches above average.

I remember watching the very first SNL four decades ago and, for years, most of the ones that followed.  But it was often hit-or-miss; and eventually I stopped watching much.  This season, so far, it seems smarter and more consistently funny than ever.



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