So I’m bursting with things to share.

(We had the Pope yesterday!* I rode a lithium-battery-powered bike!)

Mainly, from yesterday: the future of robots and artificial intelligence — and the need for an incentives-enhanced universal guaranteed income.

But let’s start with Dollar Street: a website that sent photographers to 240 homes in 46 countries to document 135 different items — their beds, their toys, their toilets — that shows how similarly people at similar income levels live all over the globe.  I.e., yes, you live in Ohio or Zimbabwe, but you also live at a particular income level.  Take the tour.

Everyone needs to eat, sleep and pee. We all have the same needs, but we can afford different solutions. Select from 100 topics. The everyday life looks surprisingly similar for people on the same income level across cultures and continents.

More tomorrow — or soon.  TED talks are free.  Ideas worth spreading.

*Via Satellite, but still.


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