Early in our relationship at a party in Miami Charles asked me to get him a beer.

I came back with a Heineken and he exploded.

How could anyone so dislike Heineken?  But of course, as I eventually realized, it wasn’t the taste of the beer that so upset him . . . it was that I hadn’t cared enough to remember he didn’t like Heineken.  (I never made that mistake again.)

Were he alive today, I think these four minutes might have won him over.

Even if you hate beer, see what you make of it.

Per Jesse Kornbluth, over on Head Butler:

. . . James Fallows found it. Call it “Let’s have a beer.” He writes: “A major academic research project finds the intervention that most successfully reduced partisan animosity and anti-democratic attitudes was watching this Heineken ad, I kid you not. The Heineken experiment is basically an argument for some kind of mandatory national service—its ‘ice breaker’ and ‘bridge building’ tasks show the power of doing something together as a foundation for connection, conversation, understanding.” Please watch it.

And spread the word.



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