He’s not fond of Canada’s leader or the leaders of the U.K., Germany, or France.  But in Putin and Erdogan and Duterte and Xi — and Kim — he finds strong men he can do business with.  Has he been played?  Let’s hope not.  But . . .

. . . Despite replete evidence that he was swindled, Trump said during a Fox News interview, “I made a deal with [Kim Jong Un]. I shook hands with him. I really believe he means it.” The problem with a raging narcissist is that he must deny reality in order to avoid embarrassment. . . .

Putin, through Trump, has ended the American century.  And the Republicans in Congress — who once called him a pathological liar — simply cower.

Not the sort of July 4th one would have wished for.  (But have a great one.)

Cry, the beloved  country.

Too dark?  Stop Mourning, Democrats, writes Joe Scarborough.  Organize for November and begin to fix this mess.



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