Well, not the end of the world for him. He’s moved to Singapore. Or for farmers – and there are a lot more farmers in the world, he notes, than investment bankers. Or for your oil stocks or your timber stock. But click here to read it.


[SELF-INTEREST ON] I’ve written a couple of times about Paradise Breezes, in Costa Rica, but with some trepidation because, well, what if you spend all that money to get there and you don’t like it? Or your car falls through one of the rickety bridges on your way to or fro? Or you hate our chef or the surf’s not up or you slip on the tile when you come in from the pool? But I’m told by one of my partners that all but four of those bridges have now been replaced – by this time next year the road might even be paved – and the guest comments, here, have me on the verge of a Sally Fields moment (‘You like it! You really like it!’). If you’re getting tired of winter, you might want to day-dream a little and read those reviews. [SELF-INTEREST OFF]


If the world ends, barge traffic to Puerto Rico could slacken. But a smart investor I know ran through the story on Trailer Bridge; I bought it between $9.75 and $11.50 and have an order in to buy some more today. He thinks it will be earning $2 or $3 a share in the next couple of years. Click here for a presentation that explains the cost advantages it enjoys, the room for growth, its ‘green’ advantage, and what might happen if Cuba ever opens up to U.S. investment.*

I know: barges and mud. And my mud-mover, GLDD, has been mucky of late. But these are just the kind of boring stocks I think may not be much affected by recession (famous last words), and that may perhaps be a good bit higher in a year or three.

* You have to register to see it, and enter a company name – but any name will do.


Donna Schmitt: ‘Betty (an Obama supporter) stated that ‘in Michigan Hillary managed to wink at the DNC ruling by being the only Democratic candidate to leave her name on the ballot.’ It’s amazing how many facts Betty got wrong with that single statement: (1.) There was never a DNC ruling regarding ballot removal in Florida or Michigan. (2.) Even assuming Betty meant the ‘Pledge’ (it was not written by the DNC but by the Democratic Party Chairs in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina), the Pledge did not call for ballot remove in Florida or Michigan. (3.) Obama’s campaign said the decision to remove his name from the ballot was ‘an extension of the pledge.’ (4.) In addition to Hillary, Kucinich, Dodd, and Gravel stayed on the Michigan ballot. I realize that you, as a DNC official, cannot afford to take a specific candidate’s side in the Florida – Michigan fiasco, but I just wanted to state the facts for Betty.’

☞ More on your many other Florida/Michigan/super-delegate emails to follow.


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