Don George: “I just heard Neal Boortz on my car radio (talk radio host similar to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh) preparing his audience that when the Republicans take over, they have to be patient, because the Republicans will not be able to make the changes to get the country back in only two years. Two years just wasn’t a fair enough time to judge what the Republicans can do he told his listeners, so they have to continue to support the Republicans for several elections to give them a chance. I guess there is no shame in this business.”

☞ Just like the Republicans’ handing Obama a $1.2 trillion 2009 budget deficit and an economy on the verge of Depression – and then blaming him and Democrats for the sky-rocketing debt and terrible unemployment.

The truth is that for 30 years the Democrats have been the party of (at least relative) fiscal responsibility. The Democrats instituted “PAYGO” – where Congress has to find revenue sources or spending cuts to pay for new programs – and the Republicans ditched it. The Democrats handed George W. Bush a surplus and urged that we “Save Social Security First” – which is to say, shore up our balance sheet – but the Republicans wrecked our balance sheet with tax cuts the best-off didn’t need and a hugely expensive war of choice that was falsely sold as a war of last resort that would cost less than $200 billion at the outside.

And it’s not all fixed after 21 months?


And what a great feeling it was. Click here to see whether your state offers early voting as well.*


Look what Dan Savage started. He deserves a huge shout-out, as do the thousands who’ve made their own videos, all the way up to the Secretary of State and, now, here, the President of the United States.

*Florida voters: vote YES on Amendments 5 and 6, for fair redistricting!


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