Bill Maher’s New Rule Friday night: “America needs more Republicans like this guy.” Six minutes not to be missed.

It seems to me two things are likely to happen on parallel tracks:

  • More and more Trump voters will become disenchanted (see above).
  • Trump associates and possibly Trump himself, will face charges of treason for cooperating with Russia in its cyber attack on our country (see below).

Sean Spicer downplays Paul Manafort’s Trump connection, but he was Trump’s campaign manager.  And you wonder: of all the people in the world to run your campaign, why choose a guy who’d been paid $10 million a year to influence U.S. politics and news coverage to favor Putin?  And why name as your Commerce Secretary the co-chair of a bank best known for laundering Russian oligarch money, very possibly including Putin’s own?  Putin, who murders political opponents and journalists?

(“What,” says Trump, in Putin’s defense: “you think our country’s so innocent?”)

Watch the shootings, poisonings, and a guy fly out his fourth-floor window the day before he was set to testify.

There are other Russia ties as well, as you know (Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, around whose neck Putin draped the Order of Friendship award) . . . like National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

USA Today has prepared this devastating timeline.

I don’t see how this goes on for four years.  I think at some point, those two parallel tracks converge.



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