Steve G, reacting to  yesterday’s post: “Bloomberg vs. Trump . . . Scylla vs. Charybdis.”

→ Scylla and Charybdis!  Yes!  Except Mike is honest and Trump is not.  Mike is steady, gracious, and dignified; Trump is vulgar, vicious, and volatile.  Mike is doing this to make a better world; Trump fell into it for personal gain.  Mike fights for gun-safety; Trump, for the NRA.  Mike is enormously charitable; Trump was fined $2 million for abusing his (tiny, insignificant) foundation. Trump favors journalist-murdering dictators; Mike prefers our traditional allies.  Trump hates Barack Obama but admires Vladimir Putin; Mike admires Obama and understands that Putin staged a successful surprise attack on our country — that is ongoing.  Mike ran the most important city in the world for 12 years; Trump ran Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Airline, and bankrupted the Trump Taj Mahal.  Trump is a sociopath, Mike is not.

As to their both being billionaires who instinctively favor the very rich, Mike really is a billionaire – 54 times over.  And if elected, he would not be the first rich New Yorker to champion the interests of “the working man” (as working men and women used to be called) and the poor.  Former New York governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt beat him to it.

For the record, I like Joe and Pete and Amy and Cory and Andrew and Deval and all our other candidates, too!  But while they’re — necessarily — pouring their resources into the four early states (that won’t determine the outcome next November), Mike is funding critical work in swing states (that will).  He aims to increase the odds some Democrat will beat Trump/Putin in November, even if it’s not he.  I like that a lot.

And he poured a fortune into helping us win the House in 2018.  I like that, too.

Read a short article here.  And if you have time, I again suggest this podcast.



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