Halloween has always made me nervous. I have enough trouble figuring out what to wear on a normal day. The only thing good about it — which I surely did not understand when, as a child, I had to put that dumb sheet over my head to be a ghost — is that it marks the end of October. October is always a good month to get behind us in the financial markets. Rather like hurricane season.

So go ahead — get jiggy. But include me out.

It’s the Economy, Stupid: ‘It’s all about the economy. The financial markets want debt paid down, not big tax cuts. Al should remind people that one of his top priorities is paying down debt.’ — John Hook

Saving for College: “Regarding Friday’s column, on giving kids stock to help them pay tuition, don’t forget that transfers valued at more than $10,000 per child per parent in any given year require filing of a gift tax return.” — Less Antman


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