So the CEO and CFO ‘resigned’ yesterday and the stock jumped 73 cents to $8.56.

I can see how the prospects for some companies – and countries, for that matter – could brighten if top management stepped aside. But a one-product company whose product isn’t selling? In an industry where new products take years to develop?

You never know, but I bought a few more September puts and hope to get a chance to buy still more if the stock goes higher.

To listen to the company’s 10am conference call today visit the company website for the toll-free number (866-770-7129) and passcode (90241061) . . . or, if you miss that, instructions for accessing a replay.


From the Associated Press:

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The FBI agent who arrested Zacarias Moussaoui in August 2001 testified Monday he spent almost four weeks trying to warn U.S. officials about the radical Islamic student pilot but “criminal negligence” by superiors in Washington thwarted a chance to stop the 9/11 attacks. . . .


‘I before E except after C.’

Oh, yeah?

The feisty foreigner seized the beige reins in one vein-bulging hand and – weirdly adorned in leis (a veil of distraction so no one would remember his face?) feigned disinterest no more. The heist of his neighbor’s heir’s freight had begun.

What they should have taught us: ‘I after C must follow E . . . but not literally.’ (Not literally, because I’s frequently follow C’s without an intervening E – city, cicada, scintillate – and sometimes even when an E follows – efficient.)

No wonder Johnnie can’t spell.


Lynn Gongaware: LibriVox – recorded by volunteers from the public domain.’


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