Check it out — I think you may be heartened.

Short form: The DNC has enhanced its voter file with the purchase of 94 million more cell phone numbers . . . has identified 25 million likely Democratic voters who are not yet registered . . . has funded registration of Puerto Ricans displaced to Florida and Pennsylvania . . .  is raising millions in small-dollar contributions directly for candidates in tough races (including special-election winners like Doug Jones and Conor Lamb) . . . is providing cybersecurity guidance to the state parties . . . and a lot more.

Most important (if you ask me): it is funding field organizers to engage the tens of millions who vote our way in Presidential years but normally sit out the mid-terms.  We don’t have enough money to reach them all, which is why I keep asking. (And thanking you the minute I see your contribution come thru.)


  1. Join Team Blue.
  2. CrushTheMidterms.  It even designs an action plan for you.
  3. MobilizeAmerica.

No need to choose: sign up with all three.

Spread the word.

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