What a glorious four minutes.   Rhapsody.  Not to be missed.



If you happen to be L, G, B, or T . . .

YOU GOT:  Marriage!  A doubled Dow!  DADT repeal!  An averted depression!  Trans inclusion!  Free preventive care!  Hate crimes legislation!  Ended wars!  Progressive Supreme Court Justices!  Hospital visitation rights, immigration equality, the Army paying to fly you to a state that allows your marriage, a President making a public point to meeting with Russian LGBT dissidents, an anti-bullying program, Medals of Freedom . . . in the words of Aretha Franklin: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.   All deserved the day we were born, but only delivered in the last five years.  Reason enough, it seems to me, to click here and join our LGBT Leadership Council, if you can afford it, at whatever level works for you ($32,400, for sure, but $100 a month would be great, too).

YOU GET:  A “free” ticket to our annual LGBT Leadership Council dinner, credit toward other stuff, and – if we have the funds to plant the crucial seed corn this year – voter turn-out sufficient to hold the Senate and take back the House next year . . . and hold the WH in 2016 (voters we register in 2014 +stay+ registered for 2016; tech advances we build for 2014 become the +base+ for further tech advances in 2016).  And to flip state legislatures back into progressive hands, unseat Tea Party governors – all that.  Most political giving doesn’t go to the infrastructure that powers turn out, it goes to an ocean of TV advertising.  Necessary, but not nearly as leveraged.  This is the seed corn.  We need to be planting it NOW.  Join us.  We have further to go.  Keep the progress coming.

(If you happen not to be LGBT, feel free to join anyway — or click here to help “generically” instead.  Either way, I’ll see it the minute it comes through and JUMP through the screen to say thanks.  This is actually how I get my exercise.)





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