Watching the most recent hearing — with testimony exclusively from Trump appointees and supporters — one has to wonder yet again how so many people in positions of power could have been party to all this.

How most Republicans who had hours before been hiding under desks and grabbing gas masks could have voted to decertify the election.

Tim Miller goes a long way to explaining it, as summarized in this review of Why We Did It: A Travelogue From the Republican Road to Hell.

A related question: How could so many tens of millions of good Americans have been so badly misled?  Not the ones in power who knew better; the ones just listening to their colorful president and to their favorite “news” network . . . like Mr. Ayres who testified yesterday.

How can so many still be so misled?

Simple: The same way it has happened to the good people of so many other countries before — like the ones we fought in the Second World War.  Or the Russians today who think Putin is denazifying Ukraine.

But should Trump be indicted?

Everyone else should be — for sure.  Disgraced “General” Flynn and Roger Stone and hundreds more (those two just lead my list).

But I thought this case for not indicting Trump himself was interesting and worth sharing.

If time is tight, skip straight to the section headed, GARLAND SHOULD DISPENSE WITH TRUMP.

It may not change your mind — it may not change my mind — but it’s worth thinking through.



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