Daniel H: ‘Sound is a must for this. Carson Williams created it, and he set it up so that the sound transmits to your radio via a low power FM transmitter as you drive by. Unfortunately he was asked to shut it down after accidents occurred and emergency vehicles couldn’t get through due to the crowd.’

☞ Yep. If you have broadband, you need to watch this one. Keep the holidays alive that much longer. Can you say ‘hobbyist gone mad?’ I love it.


Douglas Hutchison: “I see that the free QuickBrowse delivery of your column has ended.”

☞ No, not intentionally.  Those of you who were getting free daily delivery of this column are still supposed to get it free. There was a goof.  It’s being fixed. Anyone else who wants it delivered free is welcome to it, too – it drives up the ad rates i can charge – but wait a little while until we figure out how to get it working again.


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