I want you to know that I went and played golf for the first time in many, many years the other day – and to the astonishment of all around me, got a hole in one with a 27-foot drive. Later, I climbed the rock wall, won a couple of games of Foosball and Knock Hockey, and even held my own at my first-ever laser tag.

As you can tell, I am quite pleased with myself, though a slavish devotion to the truth requires me to acknowledge that I did not win anything, overall. (On one hole, it took me 9 strokes to go 30 feet.) But I had the taste of victory, and with just a little practice am persuaded I could regain the Foosball calluses and killer caroms that, 35 years ago, made me king.

(My previous golf outing, as some of you may recall, was with Warren Buffett. Only dedicated duffers need read that tale.)


This is either me climbing the aforesaid rock wall, or else me trying to climb out of the pit I fell into by posting the previous graphic – no point stirring things up by reminding you what it was – about which many of you had strong opinions on both sides.

<graphic missing>



If I can take time off to climb rocks, I can hardly begrudge others their down time.

Still . . .

This, from Josh Marshall’s blog:

From a Friday Washington Post story on the degenerating situation in Iraq …

‘This is Bush’s 33rd visit to his ranch since becoming president. He has spent all or part of 233 days on his Texas ranch since taking office, according to a tally by CBS News. Adding his 78 visits to Camp David and his five visits to Kennebunkport, Maine, Bush has spent all or part of 500 days in office at one of his three retreats, or more than 40 percent of his presidency.’

Vacation gibes are usually unfair. But with the situation in Iraq so critical, shouldn’t the president be at the White House? It’s a full-time job, comes with a decent salary. – Josh Marshall

Tomorrow: Watch Out, Dell – Here Comes IBM!


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