One of you asks: "What’s the best site for historical prices?"

Good question. The best I’ve seen — don’t be shy about letting me know of even better — is They have daily data going back to 1988 for individual stocks. I just registered for their trial period (for free), and I’m not yet sure what services of theirs will be free forever and what will require payment in the future. But I was able to get historical quotes for a specific date (adjusted for stock splits, importantly), for individual stocks for free. Just go to the QUOTES section, then the RESEARCH pull-down menu, then HISTORICAL.

This can be extremely useful when trying to establish the basis for stock you’ve inherited (the stock’s price on the date of death) or received as a gift (its price the day your rich uncle bought it, because if he’s living, his basis is supposed to transfer to you). It also appears that you can get the entire database back to 1988 for a single stock in comma-delimited form (great for statistical analysis) including open, high, low, close, volume for an absolute pittance ($1.95 for a single file). If you’re only looking for a file of daily data going back about a year or so, then provides it for free.


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