Michael Nystrom: ‘Thanks for putting up a link to my article – the one about my uncle in Japan who overpaid for his house. I checked out the house next door that’s for sale and, in spite of what happened to my uncle in Japan, I walked away from the house thinking I should buy it! I guess this is the definition of irrational exuberance.’

☞ Click here for the sequel.


This is beyond silly, of course – we are more than happy with Renee, who comes on Wednesdays – but imagine a few years ago (in geological time), when our ancestors were huddled in caves, dreaming of meat (I don’t think at that point they could imagine much more, except maybe the ability to fly like birds) . . . or, better for the purposes of the point I’m lurching toward, imagine a family in Sweeney Todd’s London trying to keep clean . . . or a family trying to make ends meet even in today’s increasingly squeezed America . . . okay? . . . and now click here. Ah, brave new world, for which now even Ajax and Fantastic and a first generation legal immigrant are no longer enough.


In keeping with my theory that the very most serious stuff on television these days is found on Comedy Central – specifically, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert – now comes this video from that same network and ‘The Mind of Mencia.’ (Thanks, Bill Spaced, for the link.) Chances are, you don’t know any kids who’d need to see it. Charles’ and my nieces and nephews certainly don’t need to see it. But there are about 50 million other kids I hope will find it somehow.


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