I have always thought the Clintons had it right: abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.  

Now that the Court is poised to strip poor women of their reproductive freedom (anyone else can just travel to a blue state or neighboring country), there is even more reason to make people aware of Hey, Jane.

“Get the care you need from home — safe, fast and effective.”  

And affordable ($250).

I hope no one you know ever finds herself needing their help; but if she does, she should read the reviews and the FAQ.

The problem is that Hey, Jane can help only if you live in five states where it’s legal.  But various smart people are working on that, so help may be on the way even if you live in a Republican state.

Meanwhile, can we all try to see a little bit of merit in the opposing side’s view?  Abortion is a sad and serious thing.  Very few women take it lightly.  But  a majority of the country believes the government should not get between a woman and her doctor — least of all in cases of rape or incest, for crying out loud — in deciding what to do. 

So much of this angst could be avoided altogether with enthusiastic promotion — from both sides — of Plan B.

*Full disclosure: I have a small stake in this one.



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