So much to catch up on and share, but let’s start with “the dumbest goddamn student I ever had” — I presume you’ve seen this by now?  We really have to impeach this man, fast — our country and world are in peril.  But you know that.

Did you know that a volcano 12 miles west of Vesuvius erupted 40,000 years ago with 300 times the explosive force?  (And even Vesuvius released 100,000 times the combined thermal energy of the two bombs dropped to end the last world war.)

Did you know that when Yellowstone blows (and there are signs it may be waking up), it could produce 2,000 times the force of Mt. St. Helens — possibly rendering humans extinct?

So Trump is not our only worry; just more immediate — and remediable (you can’t impeach a volcano).



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