Yesterday I rattled on about John MacArthur, so cheap he used to run his insurance company in his skivvies on broiling Chicago afternoons rather than spend money on air conditioning.

Today the heat wave continues as I quote a page from The Earth Pledge Book (Cronkhite Beach, Building 1055, Sausalito, CA 94965). Each page has a quote at the top and a pledge at the bottom.

The quote:

“The United States consumes more energy for air conditioning than the total energy consumption of the one billion people in China.” — Robert O. Anderson (oil company CEO)

The pledge:

“I pledge to plant trees for shade, which can reduce air conditioner needs by 50%.”

In the meantime, pledge to me you will find a beach somewhere tomorrow, or some other cool and wonderful place (a movie theater?) to enjoy the day. We’ve got our problems in this country, certainly, but boy are we ever lucky to live here. (My favorite thing about tomorrow is the way the New York Times always prints the Declaration of Independence on its back page. Well worth re-reading.)


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