Get plenty of sleep, plenty of moderate exercise — walk a lot! — don’t eat much (saves time, money, and the planet), but do eat loads of raw fruit and vegetables . . . avoid stress, even as you engage in mankind’s struggle . . . but as to the rest?  The vitamin supplements, anti-oxidants and all that?  Consider The Science Myths That Will Not Die, from Nature, The International Weekly Journal of Science.  It may save you money.  (Thanks, Jim!)

Peter:WheelTug would have prevented this gruesome tragedy yesterday: Man Dies After Being Sucked Into Aircraft Engine At Mumbai Airport.”

☞ Yikes.

I botched yesterday’s link to the family of elephants who, quite wonderfully, show up in a Zambian hotel lobby each year; but the estimable Paul Lerman had no trouble accessing it anyway — and reports that it brought immediately to mind an Elizabeth Taylor film in which elephants walk through a different lobby, and in a decidedly less affable way.  Trailer here.

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Monday: Evenwel.



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