Following up on the Fox News chart that showed 6 million sign-ups as falling roughly two-thirds short of goal, esteemed reader Dennis King sends along what he calls this “Updated Chart from Faux News” (actually, he just dummied it up himself):

Obamacare Failure

Here’s a site that seems to specialize in tracking the signups.  It suggests that uninsured Americans really do want health insurance — why is that such a surprise to free-market Republicans? — and that, when it is made affordable, they will buy and pay for it.  Why do Republicans assume Obamacare can’t work in America when it has worked in Massachusetts, launched there eight years ago by their own 2012 presidential standard bearer?  How can making health care available to our fellow citizens — based on a plan from the conservative Heritage Foundation — inspire such venom?  But it does, and that says a lot about today’s Republican leadership, Fox News, and the nearly inexhaustible coffers of the Koch brothers.




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