Peter Jackson:  “I am among the 5% or so who, so far as I can tell, will have to give up my plan because I am self-employed. I was paying $770 for a family of four.  My new coverage will cost $839 and have maternity coverage, drug counseling, and all that other stuff repubs don’t want to pay for.  Know what?  I don’t care.  Chances are my old policy would have increased in price to more than $839 this year.  Comparing last year’s prices to this year’s prices has always been  an exercise in blood pressure regulation.  This is the smallest hike I’ve seen.   My only complaint is that I still can’t sign up for the exchange.  But I’m happy to wait: because I’m too busy building my business to argue over $69 a month and worry about the Obamacare website.  If all else fails,  I’ll do it by phone in December.”

Paul J.:  “I was just speaking to my mother who is 61 years old. She’s very distressed regarding her healthcare. Her COBRA plan runs out on 12/31. As of right now she hasn’t been able to sign up for a new plan to kick in January 1st. She says it has to do with the website issues.  My mother has pre-existing conditions that require her to take several monthly medications and see doctors frequently.  She’s very worried about becoming uninsured January 1st and not being able to afford to buy her prescriptions and see her doctors.  What should she do?  Or whom should she call?”

☞ It’s not just the website; there are four ways to get coverage.  One is to call 800-318-2596, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Take three and a half minutes to watch.  You will likely feel better about all this — as you will if you watch Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s two minutes on this past Sunday’s Meet the Press.



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