And is still just 17.

And has just published We Rise: The Earth Guardians Guide to Building a Movement that Restores the Planet . . . that begins when he was fifteen, addressing the United Nations General Assembly on climate change.

Have I got your attention?

You may have seen him this past Sunday on Bill Maher.

He is Xiuhtezcatl (“shoe-tez-caht”) Martinez.

If you don’t become one of his Earth Guardians yourself, perhaps suggest it to your kids or grandkids?  While you, dear reader, do your part by eating less meat and dairy.

You can do it, argues Arti Patel.

Here’s a guide to meat and dairy substitutes.

The father of a young man I know is fine with his son marrying a vegetarian — and fine that the vegetarian he’s marrying is a guy — but draws the line at his own consumption: he insists on meat at every meal.  I very much hope he is not a reader of this page, because it turns out his son and future son-in-law have been serving him fake meat.  They just lie to him, and he can’t tell the difference.

Not all fake meat is that good, but it’s time we all gave it another try.

Which alone will not halt climate change.  But it will help.



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