Do you have enough renewable term life insurance to protect your loved ones if you should get hit by a rogue biotech terrorist?

(Or do you have life insurance you don’t need, because you have no dependents, and you just bought it because someone told you you “should?” If the latter, you might want to drop it and put the resultant savings somewhere more productive. The only reason to carry insurance you don’t need is to protect against the possibility of becoming uninsurable if and when you ever should need coverage. But that is a fairly rare occurrence, and in the priority-hierarchy, I’d rank it pretty low.)

And are you paying a good low price?

Allan Tanner: “TIAA’s life insurance has been a good value for me. You don’t have to bother with personal visits from smiling insurance agents, insurance counseling is offered over the phone, and you can download application forms over the Internet. Nowadays, you don’t have to work for an educational institution to buy TIAA financial products. See”

☞ TIAA is a very good outfit. It just began offering its life insurance products to the general public last month. Before buying, though, shop around. One easy way to shop for renewable term life insurance is by clicking here for Quicken and here for SelectQuote and here for one more.


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