Two things you’ve almost surely seen, but just in case:

1. From The OnionU.N. Warns Trump May Be 7 Months Away From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons.

NEW YORK—According to an alarming new global risk report published Tuesday by the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump may be just seven months away from acquiring nuclear weapons. “A year ago, the threat didn’t seem great enough to warrant serious concern, but at this moment, a nuclear-capable Trump is now a very real and very imminent possibility,” said UNODA high representative Kim Won-soo, adding that the agency’s current projections showed Trump potentially procuring nuclear weapons, as well as advanced ballistic missile technology, as early as January of next year. . . .

2.  Bernie’s post-primaries address to his supporters. Whether or not he is your candidate, it is a wonderfully cogent outline of what most of us, including Hillary, believe needs improving.  And an inspiring call to like-minded citizens to run for office themselves. Well done. Watch.



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