It is a fraught time.

So many of us have SO much to be thankful for — I, for one, am the most fortunate man on the planet.

And so many of us are in such dire, stressful straits (see AOC’s remarks linked to yesterday).

It’s not how the world should be.

I should be tied for most lucky with hundreds of millions others; with everyone else tied for second and third most lucky, living good lives, too.

Until recently, that was just a pipe dream.  But in this century?  With the technology we have and are ever-fasting developing?

Essentially free communications (what’s your incremental cost of making a video call to a woman on a train in Mongolia? zero!)  . . . soon to be essentially free energy (can it be more than another decade or two before windows and roofs generate electricity?) . . . an end to boredom (with an Internet connection, all the world’s information, entertainment — and people — at your fingertips).

The only problem, as Bill Clinton used to say near the end of his presidency, is not the trivial problem of putting a man on the moon, or the no-brainer problem of mapping of the human genome — that stuff, we know how to do.  Rather, it’s humanity’s most basic, age-old problem: just learning to live with each other.

As is evident these days, it’s a big, big problem.

President Putin — a judo blackbelt — has mobilized his modest resources to sow division in our much larger country so that we tear ourselves apart.

President Trump — a fake wrestling hall of famer* — has wittingly or unwittingly abetted that effort.

And so in the holiday spirit, as we finally begin to turn the corner, with a President-elect pledged to restore civility and decency and our place in the world . . . I give you the best president of my lifetime — who shoots from downtown —  in conversation with Jimmy Kimmel.


And have a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving weekend.

How lucky are we?



*No — really.


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