Thanks to Upworthy for this brief video.  Imagine charging your iPhone in 30 seconds or your electric car in a minute.  I’m telling you kids: if we find a way to hang on for another 20 years — to get “from here to there” without mucking it up — and if we find a way to “share the wealth” that unparalleled technological progress will provide — it’s gonna be pretty great.

All the more reason to want to live forever.  Or at least a long time.  And guess what — Watson, which now beats humans at Jeopardy, may soon take over your medical care, or at least some important pieces of it.   Read that one here.

Of course, in so many respects, for those of us fortunate enough to have what are now considered “the basics” — adequate sustenance, shelter, electricity, and Internet access — it already IS pretty great.



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