Sorry to be late. We were marching.

George H: “I like the Bigcharts site you recommended, too, but for historical quotes I prefer Yahoo’s offering.”

George is right. Yahoo! has done a great job with this. It lets you specify a date range over which to view the daily, weekly or monthly closing prices. It shows dividends, stock splits and volume — and then in a final righthand column translates the old price (Intel sold for $86 on January 15, 1974) into today’s terms, adjusted for splits (21 cents). But don’t delete your Bigfoot bookmark. These Intel numbers come from Bigfoot. Yahoo!, when I went to check them, said it had no Intel stock-price data from January 1974.

Parks Stewart: “Bigcharts also has historic PE’s, which allows you to see how a stock is being valued respect to where the market has been valuing it. For instance, MSFT never seemed to break a 75 (!) PE. Whenever it got there, it tanked. I waited for one of those p/e peaks to sell mine.”


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