Top 10 Wins For the Planet in 2021 – These Will Turn Anyone Into an Optimist

Well, maybe not anyone; that may be overly optimistic.

But it’s a great read.

Go, mankind, go!

With regard to America’s mess and the global struggle with autocracy, I’m not so much “optimistic” as hopeful.

And as for notes of pessimism some of you have detected (as in my constant refrain that “Putin is winning”), I’d say what you hear is not pessimism — it’s alarm.  One calls for gloom; the other for action.

I would argue we should all be alarmed — but hopeful.

We need to make this story turn out right.

Starting now, because waiting until the fall, as most people do, is a prescription for failure.

Join your local chapter of the League of Women Voters!  Join Field Team 6!  Join Vote Forward!  Fund the Party!

Those of us who own PRKR have watched it sink of late, dipping below 70 cents yesterday where I bought some.  My theory: that people were selling to take tax losses; that tax-selling pressure should end Friday; and that in the weeks to come, the stock might bob back up.

It’s no sure thing, of course.  But after the market closed yesterday, Seeking Alpha sent confirmation that at least one guy was selling for a tax loss and planning to buy the shares back (after waiting the required 31 days).



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