A minute with Barack.

Nine with Trevor Noah.

But really most powerful of all — if you watch nothing else — these three minutes with Ms. Thunberg speaking directly to us.

Even though she doesn’t come from a s—hole country (she’s Nordic!), Republicans are too smart to fall for her pitch (though every other country in the world has signed on).

She’s just 16, for crying out loud!

If climate were truly the crisis virtually all the world’s scientists claim, surely Trump and his “best people” (whether acting, fired, in jail or under indictment) . . . working with Moscow Mitch and Snowball Jim . . . would be working to protect our future.


I mean: if you can’t trust Trump and McConnell, whom can you trust?

And what’s the big deal about 500-year floods, anyway?  They happen all the time.

The rain that fell on Texas the other day?  My pool was deeper than three-and-a-half feet.*

What would have been impressive: the equivalent amount of snow.  Now that might have gotten Republican attention: Houston under 46 feet of snow.**

Watch Greta.


*Until it got washed away at high tide under a full moon this past December.

**On average, thirteen inches of snow equals one inch of rain — so, 46 feet.



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