Wayne Mathews: ‘The episode you suggested is available on Amazon Unbox for 99 cents, and can be delivered to your TiVo.’

☞ Yes! Click here.


If you have a TiVo (though not the DirecTV variety) click here. (Same link as above, but such important news, I felt it deserved its own header.) You can rent or buy movies or TV shows direct from your remote control . . . or by visiting from and beginning the download remotely. Order a movie at work, say, and it will be ready to watch on your TiVo by the time you get home.


Kathi Derevan: ‘The One Laptop per Child offer started Monday and runs 12 more days. I just ordered mine. They have even sweetened the pot with a free year of T-Mobile hotspot service. It would almost be ridiculous not to buy this!’


Gennady Shmukler: ‘I think my version is no less impassioned but a lot closer to reality than Mayor Anderson’s. Here’s what I would say: ‘What we really need to do is avoid the trap of focusing the blame (for all of the world’s and country’s problems) solely upon President Bush and Vice-President Cheney, the Republican Party, US military and the rest of the United States government. This is not just about few much-hated people who allegedly wronged our country – and the world. They were elected by the people of the United States to lead and protect us in times of world-wide war with Islamic extremism. Anyone who thinks that the most important and pressing problem of today is to expose ‘the atrocities being committed every single day in our name’ by our government is a delusional partisan who will do himself, his party, and this country a great service by focusing instead on incredible atrocities committed every single day in the name of Islam all over the world, in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, great cities of Europe and all over the Middle East and Africa. And he should instead focus on the honor, bravery and sacrifice of our Armed Forces who are our best weapon and strongest defense against the spread of the cancer of the world, Islamic extremism.’

☞ You have to wonder, though, whether our occupation of Iraq has not multiplied the ranks of the terrorists tenfold. Have we been fighting Bin Laden – or fulfilling his fondest dreams?


Of CBH, I had said, ‘Motley Fool has a helpful analysis here. If the deal goes through and you hang on to your resulting shares in Toronto-Dominion Bank, tax is due only on the gain from the 25% of the deal that’s for cash. It looks as though, all in, we’ll have made about 40% before tax.’

I had assumed that tax would be due only on the cash portion of the deal, because that’s almost always the way an acquisition works – but not this one, as explained here. If you still have your shares, click that link and read the other caveats it raises. It may all work out fine, but I’m selling.


Well, I told you the stock and warrants were out of whack. I had just hoped this would right itself by the warrants rising – not the stock falling. With the stock down by about 40% from the $6 many paid to buy it, most of us still have a nice profit on our warrants. And if the company performs nicely, the stock should come back – and then some. So I have resumed my nap.


John Conwell sends this sobering link. I haven’t sold but have asked my guru for reassurance.

Tomorrow: Smart Reader Feedback on and Smart Cars


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