Fun for the entire lexicon. You cut and paste your diary, favorite poem, or anything else, and it constructs a “word cloud.” Try it.


Care to see David Boies and Ted Olson (as in Bush v Gore) go at it again? Only this time, they’re on the same side, arguing for equality. The trial starts Monday. Click here if you’d like it to be televised.


C.D.: “I started taking glucosamine when I saw an old porcupine at the zoo where I’m a docent be able to climb branches again. Helped her, helped me, has helped lots of zoo animals.”


Kevin Knopf:GPS Drive is an awesome GPS – for only $2.95. MotionX GPS is a great one for hiking or biking – also for $2.95. These are very cool apps – although personally I’m against the habit of everyone looking at their iPod or Blackberry when they should be talking to each other about global warming and how to solve it (or healthcare, or politics) – to the point where I go out to dinner and see couples looking at their devices rather than each others eyes and I feel like a real Luddite. I silently rebel by talking to people in line when I can, even when they’re playing Moxie.”

☞ Go away – I’m trying to get a 300-point bonus for “MOOSE.”

☞ Actually, I’ve downloaded GPS Drive and – at first blush – like it better than $60 Navigon. But Navigon downloads 1.5 gigabytes of mapping data onto your device itself, which may be why it’s more expensive – the data reside on your phone, which must have some advantages.


Doug Simpkinson: “(Disclosure: I work for Google, but not for this team – I am only sending this as a Long Time Subscriber to your column.) I saw you raving about Navigon and thought you might like to know that Google has a navigation app, currently only for Android phones. Includes: voice search which you love so much (‘navigate to Su Hong Restaurant in Menlo Park’), current traffic conditions and alternate route selection, and search along route (e.g. find the nearest IHOPs to your navigation route).”


Goldman Sachs issued a report on the paper sector Tuesday in which it downgraded International Paper slightly (though still rates it a “buy”), downgraded Weyerhaeuser to neutral from buy, downgraded Louisiana Pacific to sell – and upgraded Boise to buy from neutral. I am absolutely not suggesting you run out and buy it, or its warrants, here. The big run is definitely over. But if you bought them in the past and still hold some, this is nice to see.

As recapped in August, when the warrants were up from 2 cents to 32 cents (today, 76 cents, with the stock at $5.91) . . .

The warrants give you the right to buy the stock at $7.50 anytime between now (when you wouldn’t want to, because it’s selling for $4.53) and June 18, 2011 (when you would, if it were selling above $7.50). Were the stock to recover to $10 by then – a “were” so subjunctive it gives new depth to the mood – the warrants would be worth $2.50 each, up a further eightfold from here. So I’m holding almost all of mine, even knowing that the stock might well never approach $7.50 between now and June 18, 2011.

☞ Since writing that I’ve sold more, about 70% in all, totally prepared for a wipe-out on the rest but hoping that we might continue to get lucky.


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