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Dear Everybuggy:

I must preface this with (1) I don’t have a TV, so although like all of us my son gets lots by osmosis, there isn’t a white noise of talking heads at home and (2) I don’t read the newspaper out loud so (3) if he wants to read an article, he has to read it himself and ask questions — this is usually limited to stuff about either dinosaur fossil discoveries or child soldiers. Also, (4) although I have been complaining about stupid or horrible things in the news, I don’t go into detail and mostly just do a lot of gasping or guffawing while reading without reference to the trigger.

Yesterday when we came home from school, he pulled out the Scholastic Magazine (that we all got in elementary school, same thing) and said, “Mama, there’s an article about Mitt Romney in here and he’s not even talking about sex!”

My response was “What? Why would Mitt Romney be talking about sex? Or not talking about it?”

He said, “Well, it seems like all the Republicans talk about sex all the time.”

Yours, deep in the Readers’ Digest Kids Say the Darnedest Things Section, Sarah J.


Kris:  “Thought you might enjoy this graphic reason to vote out the Teapublicans.”  (Click to enlarge it.)

Which is better — 44 million jobs in 22 years, or 24 million jobs in 28?

A tenfold return in the stock market over 22 years, or a doubling over 28?

And why, oh why, didn’t this graphic include something on the Debt?  Reagan quadrupled it, Clinton reined it in (though it took him the better part of eight years); Bush doubled it (remember: the 2009 fiscal year began October 1, 2008, before Obama was even elected, so that year’s $1.5 trillion is on Bush, not Obama), Obama has begun reining it in (though it will take him the better part of eight years — and some cooperation by Republicans).


Here‘s how the Republicans have undermined the democracy envisioned by the Founders. Seriously:  Is there any reason not to find this appalling?



Kathryn Lance:  “Re your photo, I hate both new ones. Please go back to the one from when you were twelve years old.”


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