Steve Golder: ‘An amusing Google tip. Enter a list of foods you have in your refrigerator and Google will come up with recipes that use them.’

☞ Unbelievable. I entered: milk eggplant ketchup – and sure enough!

Mike Hanlon: ‘If you have a web site and want to see what other sites are linking to yours, type into the Google search box. Example: To see who’s linking to the DNC site, you’d type: – you’ll see that about 2,130 sites do.’

Jeff Cox: ‘Google is great for catching plagiarists. I love showing students the original essays next to their copies.’

Alan Waldock: ‘Here’s a tip I’ve never seen mentioned, even in the excellent Google Hacks book: If you have the (indispensable) Google toolbar, you can highlight any word or phrase in your current web page and ‘drag and drop’ it to the search box. No typing. Google even puts the quotes around it, if necessary.’


Alan Light asks: ‘I wonder why this works? As you’re sitting at your desk, make your right foot go in clockwise circles. OK, good. Now with your right hand, air-draw the number six. Hey, how come your foot started going the other way?!’


If you are interested in education, Matt Miller’s latest column is worth a read. It seems that because of an accounting convention, the true gap between what we spend educating rich kids and poor kids is even greater than you thought. Click here. Also worth a click: Matt’s forthcoming book, The Two Percent Solution: Fixing America’s Problems In Ways Liberals And Conservatives Can Love.

Tomorrow: Somora Borealis and Some Odds and Ends from Last Week


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