Oops. Irene has all the flights from Miami canceled unless I make the 7:30am — doesn’t that change my plan to write this column around two in the morning, sleep til ten, and take my time making the 1:23pm flight.

So just a few quick thoughts in lieu of proving Fermat’s theorum (I came up with an elegant proof over dinner, but now no time to lay it out for you) —

(a) The upgrade to AOL 5.0 installed just fine, and there are a couple of nice things about it. I’m a happy camper, although I certainly look forward to 6.0. If you use AOL: take heart.

(b) Biztravel.com sure seems to be one of those (relatively few) that will become a winner. You really can get great airfares, it really does store your preferences, and if you change a nonrefundable e-ticket you purchased through Biztravel.com, you really can get credit for it when you buy another on the same airline. Of course, you can do that in the real world, too. Except that if you get the crazy low $200-type fares I often do, and then give up the $75 for changing, you’re talking about just $125 or so in credit — and that’s not a great reward for standing in line an extra 40 minutes at the airport within 24 hours of when you made the new nonrefundable reservation, or mailing stuff in to Dallas “just so” — this is easier.

(c) Have you finished Fire and Ice? Just click “Books,” above, and then scroll down to “excerpts” next to Fire and Ice. The whole book is there (minus the photos, coming one of these day), free. Pretty soon I plan to post the 20% of Extraordinary Delusions and the Madness of Crowds everyone needs to read to consider him/herself adequately prepared for investing.

Goodnight Irene. (Not to be confused with an earlier, archived set of columns here by that name.)


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