I have here a set of the 20-volume 1931 Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedia (they are small volumes), along with Larned’s 1915 five-volume history of the world. If anyone would like them, just give me your address and I’ll be glad to send them. (Feel free to tell me why you want them, so in case more than one of you does, I can take that into account.)

Joelle: “please, please, PLEASE help me! Here’s the scoop: I work at a PR agency and …wait!…keep reading…(thank you)…I represent

“I am contacting you b/c you are the voice of personal finance and we need your help. You’re still there? Haven’t lost you? Ok…. We really are a decent, helpful, useful, Web site that can really save people money. It’s NOT a scam. Really! It’s based on the concept that the consumer wins when business fight to get customers by lowering their prices.

“Please keep reading….

“So – we have all these services, like long distance, insurance and options for picking your utility company. Of course, it’s all free to the user. They only need to visit us once to see how great it really is.

“Here’s what we want:  You to write a glowing article in Parade Magazine on how we are saving America’s consumers millions of dollars. You can tell people how we work and how they can save money too. To date, we have saved people either a documented $50 million dollars, or $100 million (if you allow us to get fancy with our numbers).

“Here’s what you’ll get: A nomination from us for the Pulitzer Prize; Our undying gratitude; Satisfaction that you probably helped us all keep our jobs by getting the word out that we exist,

“Are you so excited by my suggestion that you don’t now what to do next???  We really, really, really need/want your help!!! Please???? Pretty please? Check us out – you’ll be sold! Our site is (of course)”

☞ Hmmm.  Oh, why not.


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