Some of you may have seen an article in yesterday’s PARADE suggesting that you visit to buy Quicken Lawyer 2002 (as Nolo Willmaker has recently been recast). This software can help you write a will or a living will, prepare a durable power of attorney – even set up a living trust and/or a by-pass trust, draft a pet-care agreement, get your kid excused from gym and engineer a small international merger. (Well, maybe not those last two.) Better still, it explains what these things are, and why you might want to have some of them.

At the package is a rather modest $41.97, discounted from the official $69.95 list price. But if you wait a day or three, you can get a further $10 off.

Just enter the word PARADE in the ‘coupon code’ field as you check out, or give it to the customer service rep if you prefer to order by phone (800-992-6656). Three things to explain here: First, neither PARADE nor I have even the slightest financial stake in this. If I were smart, I’d have figured some way to get all those ten-dollarses for myself, but the best I could come up with was getting them for you. (I am still kicking myself.) Second, it probably won’t work today, because I asked Nolo to activate this on Sunday, September 12, not realizing that Sunday, September 12, fell on September 9 this year. (Don’t ask.) But waiting a couple of days to save ten bucks is the kind of patience even I can summon. Third, if you are that rare PARADE reader who already bought the software, please don’t lose any sleep over this foregone $10, let alone drive Nolo crazy trying to get it. Just repeat after me: ‘Easy come, easy go.’ I promise you will be very pleased, even at $41.97. If not, Nolo boasts an unconditional money-back guarantee.

PS – No, PARADE doesn’t post its articles on-line. If your Sunday paper doesn’t carry PARADE, I would move to a town with a paper that does.

And this just in . . .

John Bakke: ‘Good tip on Quicken Lawyer. But you can get it just as easily from for 28 cents less: click here. Shipping charges are about the same, and standard shipping never takes 1-2 weeks (at least not to NYC), as Nolo says its shipping does. Plus, if you order at via ebates ( you get 2% cash back on the purchase. Yes, I realize that’s only $0.60 or so, but it adds up eventually. I’ve had $112 back via ebates on various purchases over the past year. Either way, as someone without a will (the legal kind, not personal resolve) I think I’ll put off procrastinating and order it this week.’

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