[First quarter 2020 estimated taxes normally due today are now due July 15 — but the second quarter payment, the IRS explains, will still be due June 15, a month before the first.  We live in interesting times.]

This video of golf balls in a jar teaches an overarching life lesson in under three minutes.  A little sappy . . . but why not?

As you may know, Barbra Streisand built a shopping mall in her Malibu basement.

No — really.

Michael Urie reprises the brilliant off-Broadway one-man show that inspired this Sunday at 8PM EDT.

From the Washington Post: Here’s How Long Those Condiments in Your Fridge and Pantry Are Supposed to Last.

To which I say:

Can you read it?

“Best if used by May 3, 2010.”

Stored unopened for a decade at ten degrees above room temperature — and just fine.

Which I can report with more credibility than usual because it’s not I assuring you of this but, rather, a skeptical young friend who was all set to throw it out.

“No!” I cried.

“It’s ten years past its expiration!” he countered.

“It’s peanut butter,” I explained.  “Try it!”

He cracked the vacuum seal . . .  sniffed . . . took a tiny taste . . . a bigger taste . . .

“It tastes fine,” he admitted.

That was last week.

This morning when I called to check, he remained very much alive.

And — lest we go a morning without at least some outrage (“In unprecedented move, Treasury orders Trump’s name printed on stimulus checks“) . . .

Brian Schwartz:  “Medical staffing companies owned by rich investors cut doctor pay and now want bailout money.  Predatory capitalism at its finest.  Profit in the healthcare sector sucks, pure and simple. I have a friend who’s appeared on CNN and CBS, a leading management expert with years at Northrup and previous Special Ops warrior for the British Crown. He is dealing directly with the White House and Governors Cuomo, Pritzker, Inslee and others as well as hospitals and foreign versions of both. He is close to the supply chain for medical equipment here in China. He tells me it is the Wild West in the medical equipment business with almost no morals or sense of social responsibility. He has been an establishment guy almost all of his life but at the ripe old age of 63, his mind has shifted left as he witnesses up close and personal the evidence of corruption and dog eat dog world of today’s business environment in the world of healthcare and politics. He is hardly naive, but sees the fault lines as never before. It’s interesting to see his evolution in thinking as the pandemic takes its toll and he is on the front lines of strategizing and implementing the deployment of key medical equipment and PPEs.”



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