Skip Sherrod: “That clip comes from the 1938 movie Carefree starring Astaire and Rogers. From Wikipedia: ‘Fred Astaire came up with the idea of hitting golf balls for this number and spent two weeks rehearsing it. It was shot three weeks before the rest of the film, with Astaire performing to a piano track – the orchestrated arrangement was added later. Because of the difficulty of the action, the performance was pieced together from multiple takes, which was very unusual for Astaire, who preferred his dance numbers to be made from a minimum number of long takes.’ I read they used 600 golf balls in the dance sequence (unattributed). Here’s a clip of Astaire doing a short version version of his golf dance with Ed Sullivan. Surely done in one take. Here’s an interesting take on the clip by Mindy Aloff, a dance critic for the New Republic as well as an aspiring golfer.”


Watch it here. (President Obama speaks in Cairo – 55 minutes.)

THE END OF history

Watch it here. (ABC’s special “Earth 2100” – 2 hours.)


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