By the time you read this, I should be on an altogether different continent, sorta trying to take a week off.

So I’ve pre-loaded some stuff, like this free full-length motion picture (Rotten Tomato 85% positive) on the off-chance you would not yourself welcome a week off.

Tom Stolze:  “I just finished watching what I believe to be the best and the most important documentary ever made — for our time, and possibly just in time. Updated with a ‘Director’s Cut.’ When I found it earlier today I really thought it was a new science fiction movie. To me, what is proposed here is just as important, if not more important, than tackling the problem of global warming. In fact, the very thing that’s killing Planet Earth will not only be most desirable for Mars, but required for survival. And it has to be done as quickly as possible. We’re not going into deep space for maybe another four or five generations, but this can be done within as little as ten years — that is, if the politicians don’t shut it down like they did the Moon program.  Perhaps you won’t get as absorbed as I did in it from the very beginning, but it’s a must watch….”

Here’s a new verb for you (or at least for me): terraform.  And here’s a paper describing how we might terraform Mars.  Too cool for school.

Have a great weekend.




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