Anything could happen 37 days from now, but as our very democracy at stake — according to lifelong hardline conservative Republicans like Liz Cheney —

— it behooves us to win.

Otherwise, the autocrats gain the upper hand.  And once they do, history suggests they are loathe to relinquish it — whether in Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, or now, for the first time ever, the United States.

It’s just a thing.

After the Roman republic fell, it took 2000 years to regain democracy — and then Mussolini destroyed it.  And we reimposed it.  But who will reimpose it on us should we lose ours? (Last week, it looked as though Italians were flirting with losing it again.)

More on this in a second (and goida), but first — to help us win — take a look at the Blue Voter Guide and share it widely if you think it could help.

The premise is that some people fail to vote, or miss the mail-in deadline, because they feel they don’t know enough to make responsible choices.

They know what team they’re on, in most cases; but do they know (for example) which judges to vote for?

I tried this out for Florida, where I might have well voted to retain all the judges on the ballot until the Blue Voter Guide gave me more information.

So even for someone like me, who never fails to vote, the guide was helpful.

And for a potential first-time voter?  Who might want to print a “cheat sheet” to take into the voting booth for added confidence?

Take a look.

And now back to the scary stuff.

This quote, for example:

“Fascists use lies as a weapon. Fascists switch the roles of victim and attacker. Fascists accuse their victims of being fascists.” ― Oliver Markus Malloy, American Fascism: A German Writer’s Urgent Warning To America

Demagogues scare me.  (“I’d like to punch him in the face!”  “Lock her up!”)

Take 47 seconds to watch this clip from Red Square Friday.  It’s not Putin; it’s one of his Tucker Carlsons, so to speak, opening for Putin.  But, boy, does this guy ever command a crowd.  “Goida!” he shouts.  “Goida!”

A summons to holy war by TV personality Ivan Okhlobystin.

(To watch the whole event, a celebration of Russia’s annexation of Eastern Ukraine, click here.)

Religion, for all the comfort it can provide and good it can do, has been, also, at the root of so much hatred and murder.

Meet the Apostle of Right-Wing Christian Nationalism.  “The new Republican fringe is done with the separation of church and state. William ‘Dutch’ Sheets has been trying to tear down that wall for decades.”

Which brings me back to wanting to hold the House and Senate.

In case you don’t contribute to politics because contributions aren’t tax deductible, here’ a way to help — even at this late stage in the game — that is:

MomsRising is an on-the-ground and online grassroots movement of more than a million people that’s proven effective in the past and — based on what I heard on a call Wednesday that got me to give a good chunk of dough — will prove effective in the five weeks ahead.  One of the simple messages they convey:  In most places you don’t need to find child care in order to vote!  Bring your future voter to the polls with you.

Use this link to donate tax deductibly.

How I long for the Republican Party of old.

The party of business and the rich, for sure — yet, behold:

I could hardly believe this was accurate; but if you take the time to read the platform, you’ll find it all there.

Have a great week.



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